Gerald W. Lynch Theater

Jay Walk

Moot Court

Lloyd George Sealy Library

Lynn and Jules Kroll Atrium

President's Office

Hound Square

Haaren Hall Atrium

Athletic Facilities

The Bridge

Atrium Mezzanine

3rd Floor Open Area

2nd Floor Open Area

10th Floor Lobby

6th Floor Quad

8th Floor Quad

9th Floor Conference Room

Cyber Lounge North

Cyber Area 1

Cyber Area 2

EMS Computer lab

Classroom- 40 seat

Classroom- 45 seat

Lecture Hall- 74 seat (L.76)

Lecture Hall- 120 seat (L2.84)

Lecture Hall- 240 Seat (L.63)

Science Labs

Technology Labs

Jay Express & Bursar

Office Area

Office Cubical Area

Room- L.61

Room- 630 Haaren Hall

Math Conference Room

2nd Floor Lounge- Haaren Hall

9th Floor Balcony

6th Floor Lobby- Haaren Hall

Faculty Staff Dining Hall

Student Dining Hall West

Student Dining Hall East

Anya & Andrew Shiva Gallery

Black Box Theater

11th Ave Mezzanine

New Building Roof Top

North Hall Roof Top

10th Avenue Entrance

59th Street Entrance

11th Avenue Entrance

North Hall

Westport- Classrooms & Hallways